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We make it easier for people to find, research and buy all their cycling related needs, through our destination marketplaces. We support and connect hundreds of retail bike stores and brands around the world. We connect millions of cycling enthusiasts and potential customers.

Whether you need your next road bike, the first bike for a family member, a commuting bike or the latest e-bike we can always help. With over 1500+ brands and 600,000+ products, we help people find the right cycling product, as the single destination giving ease, convenience and choice.


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Cycling Emporium

At the Cycling Emporium, our aim is to bring you the latest apparel and accessories from new and established cycling brands around the world. We choose only the best so you don’t have to, showcasing all the latest trends, new brands, style advice and products of the moment. Only brands with a proven reputation for design, quality and performance are featured. Shop wherever you are in the world, how and when you like on the Cycling Emporium.


With our purpose-built logistics platform, Kitzuma has perfected how bikes move from brand to consumer, improving bike safety, speed, efficiency, and tracking transparency. Our specially equipped vans allow each bike to be individually racked and covered, so we transport bikes BOX-FREE from start to finish, which saves time, money and potential damage. We promise our customer’s bikes will arrive in perfect condition every time, on schedule, and immediately ready to ride!.

Kitzuma Cycling Logistics

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